Antioxidant Carbon60


  • Helps in relieving pain
  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Decreases neck, back and lower back pain in pets 
  • Protects against bacteria and viruses 
  • Protects and rejuvenates nerves


There is a human version of Carbon60






My partner and I both grew up on farms. Dewayne was in Saskatchewan as young boy breaking ice on the water supply to feed the cattle and horses with his dad. Helping a young horse get use to a bit, bridle and saddle, then to work till sundown on that magnificent creature with a faithful dog named Chip. I was in the Frazer Valley of British Columbia on a trout farm looking after the trout with my dogs Buffy, Arlo and Cunningham while my dad was in logging camps. There were many bear and cougar sightings in our area and I knew that our boys kept us and our cats safe. Finding a new batch of kittens as a child was the greatest thrill ever!

Either on the wide expanse big sky of the prairie or in the misty mountains of the valley, we both experienced the unforgettable love of our childhood fur family. And today, as Dewayne fluffs our cats silk sleeping pillows or fills the dry food bowls which are my grandmothers finest china, he quite often remarks…”ya these cats live like royalty compared to how our barn cats lived in -40 on the farm.!” I know that that tough rugged farmer in him has softened, for Dewayne has sponsored a heated waterer and calf dry food feeder on the farm that help the cats (as well as a fox and a skunk) through the long winter.

We heard success stories about people and we wondered if it could help animals.

When we first heard the success stories about the Carbon60 from the scientist, we couldn’t believe it. After having our own successes of less pain with our old injuries, especially the return of feeling to a nerve in Dewayne's leg 7 years after they cut an 8 inch scar to harvest a vein for his triple heart bypass, we then introduced it to a few of our friends. Hearing the stories of old injuries just not hurting anymore, everyone sleeping better and the unexpected clarity in thinking of our friends … we knew what we wanted to do. Create a way to share this amazing product so that others could feel the benefits as we did.
And if we and our fur family can extend our lives happy and healthy ..?????!!!! Than there would be time to make more cuddly and heart warming memories for years to come.

Our deepest and sincere wishes to you all for a vibrant life.